Monday, September 7, 2009

Ruvell Martin does not make the cut

Just like Brian Brohm, Ruvell Martin did not make the cut on the 53 man roster. I met this guy a few times, when he hosted a Green Bay Packer radio talk show at a bar/restaurant, and he was a stuck up a**hole. Don't mean to get off topic, but Greg Jennings is THE most down to earth NFL player I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Now back to Ruvell Martin. The Packers decided to keep Brett Swain over Ruvell Martin. Now I don't know a whole lot about Brett Swain, but I have seen Ruvell make some nice catches. He contributed well, even with being at the bottom of the WR depth chart. According to Mike McCarthy, the decision to keep Brett Swain over Ruvell Martin was purely based on special teams. Probably a smart move, but I'll sure miss seeing him on the field.

He catches two touchdown passes, does a Lambeau Leap after the second, and gets his crotch grabbed by a fan.

Brian Brohm Released!

Brian Brohm, 3rd string quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, got released from the 53 man roster. This move was a little shocking, as I see potential in the young quarterback. They gave him plenty of chances this preseason though, while Matt Flynn was out with a shoulder injury. To me he looked very nervous on the field, knowing his job was on the line. As he got more comfortable he progressively did better throughout the preseason. Now, as he sits on the Green Bay Packers practice squad, he has plenty of time to get his mind right and work his way back onto the roster.

This video shows how great Brohm was coming in as a rookie.